Our Benefits Strategy

Every organization has different needs. Our advisors can help navigate the most valuable, cost-effective solutions for your group. 

RH+ Defined Contribution Strategy

This strategy utilizes new cutting-edge proprietary technology designed by RH+ to identify the best healthcare solutions for each individual employee while reducing cost at the same time.

Competitive Advantages

• No More Annual Renewals
• Reduce Administrative Burden by up to 90%
• Multiple Plan Choice to Fit Each Individual Employees' Exact Needs
• Personal Advisors to Help Navigate the Best Options
• Eliminate COBRA Administration

Innovative Benefit Solutions

The world of insurance can be a complicated place. By combining technology with experienced professionals we help employers and employees identify the best options.

Our Process


Current Benefit Review

Our experienced professionals will analyze your existing plan design and details for all of the benefits you currently offer, if any. By using technology in our analysis, we are able to achieve deeper insights into the best solutions for your organization.


Evaluating Costs

RH+ software helps us to evaluate costs for both employers and their employees to identify areas where savings are possible as well as approved benefits. 


Contribution Methods

We will evaluate any contributions you currently make to identify the most cost efficient path forward. 


Compare Your Options

Once we've completed a thorough analysis of your current benefits and costs using RH+ software, we'll help you compare the best options and find solutions that fit your organization's needs.

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